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"Your beliefs are your limitations!" ~ Janine Paladin 

"Pilates is so much more than rehab!"

~ Janine Paladin 

I have a great passion for movement and how the body works as a whole. The body's healing capacity through corrective movement is unparalleled, coupled with a good mindset and motivation, anything is possible.


I am a qualified Biokineticist, which is a Kinesiologist or sports physiologist in some countries, as well as a STOTT Pilates instructor with 20 years’ experience within roles promoting health, rehabilitation and wellness management.

Offering advanced skills in assessing clients and designing appropriate programmes, monitoring and documenting progress, and achieving results. I am committed to performance improvement and provide a full capability offering in Orthopaedic Rehabilitation, Dance rehabilitation and more.


Due to being a member of the State Theatre Ballet Company (South Africa) and performed in many Ballet Productions, I have an understanding of the inner workings of what it takes to get to a professional level, the dedication, hardships as well as the reasons why dancers do what they do.

Pilates is a great tool to achieve any physical goal you set your mind to and Yoga encompasses the mind body connection even more. Making these 2 forms of moving your body so complimentary of each other. Mind, body and soul. 

Remember to leave your Ego at the door and move for yourself, nobody else!

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